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Lisa Beem on bridge.

Money Coaching for an Authentic Life

Money coaching supports you to move courageously in your relationship with money

so you can create community, bring your gifts to the world,
and experience ease and joy as you do it.

Be supported in making authentic plans of action for fundraising, organizing resources, & embarking on a new career or business.

Lisa Beem
If you’re setting authentic prices for your services and offerings, creating financial goals that reflect your values, starting a new career, founding a business or nonprofit, fundraising for a community project, or deepening your relationship to your creativity in your business, there’s something for you here.

"I now have the confidence to use money as a tool to build power for change

The impact of Lisa’s coaching is far reaching - from the approach to organizing resources I’ve built for my own organization as well as in my own coaching work with movement leaders. What I've learned from and with Lisa has propelled both them and myself from a place of pain, fear, and frustration to one of proactive confidence and using money as a tool to build power for change."


I'm Lisa Beem,


I support you to articulate your vision and make a road map to financial empowerment, whatever that truthfully looks like for you. Having a transparent and truthful relationship with money opens up possibilities to put your values at the center of your financial life.

Whether you are going for a job that’s outside of your current field, pursuing creative projects, need more confidence in money choices - I’m here to guide you to your inner knowing and wisdom.

Work desk
Lisa Beem

I am committed to
accessibility & economic justice.

I offer rates on a sliding scale so that those who can pay more do, and those who cannot are supported to access the same resource at a price that is not a hardship. I have seen and personally experienced the life-changing support of coaching. I believe that anyone who wants to should be able to access this kind of support.

Use the energy of money to grow
what matters most in your life.

You’re in the right place if you are ready to take action to align your relationship with money to your values.
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