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A holistic process for shifting your relationship with money


Money doesn’t have to be taboo, evil, or scarce.

Overwhelmed by making decisions on money?
Worried you won't earn enough if you follow your heart?
Avoidant and in a rut of ignoring making financial decisions?
Discouraged because you give money to causes or individuals but are worried you're not doing it "right"?
Ready to face your relationship with money head on?

Let's partner up so that your relationship with money can fuel your life.

Lisa Beem

Money Coaching

You have me in your corner, with deep, intentional, focused support to achieve your goals. I support you to move past road blocks and develop sustainable practices for bringing joy and success to your financial life well beyond our work together.

1 hour sessions twice a month by Zoom or phone with unlimited email and text support between sessions.

Timeline: 6 sessions over 3 months

Returning clients: contract length is flexible, based on the outcomes you're looking for out of continued coaching.

"It is a gift to see what emerges in Lisa's safe and supportive gaze. She is in your corner!"



The Process



​​Book a one on one Discovery Call to clarify what you would love to get out of coaching. We’ll see if we “click” and if this work is a good fit for your vision and future goals.


Framework &

Schedule our sessions together. One hour sessions, twice a month, for 6 months. You’ll be introduced to tools and practices based on neuroplasticity, ontology (the study of being), and mindfulness.


Creativity & Heart

You’ll be supported to articulate your vision, dreams, and tap into creative and spiritual realms within you. We’ll uncover the authentic and meaningful action related to money that is driven by your hearts’ calling.


Action Plan

We’ll create a structure that is flexible, unique to you, and built on consistent action that gets you results. This could be making a fundraising plan, making a giving plan, changing your investments, working on your business plan, or developing a financial strategy with your partner.


"Lisa helped me speak my truth and move towards steps it beckoned me to take.

Our conversations were clarifying, energizing and compassionate. Lisa drew out my radiance and inner-knowing. She helped me release judgements I had about myself. It is a gift to see what emerges in her safe and supportive gaze. Lisa is in your corner!"


We may be a good fit if...

You’re interested in getting in touch with the vision that inspires you, and bringing the joy of that vision to your life daily.

You know that financial abundance is possible for you and what support on your journey to get there.

You wonder, “How can I do what I love with more ease?”.

You long to move with confidence and clarity in your relationship with money.

You want a financial life that’s in 100% alignment with your personal integrity.


What my coaching IS and IS NOT

Therapy is about healing and insight, coaching is about taking insight into meaningful action that energizes your life.

Consulting prescribes expertise-based solutions, coaching emboldens you to act on your own wisdom.

Mentoring guides you based on a mentor’s wisdom, coaching guides you according to your own values and intentions. Training follows a set curriculum toward set objectives, coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.

Coaching supports you to get clear on what is truly important to you and to move forward past where you are currently stuck.

Sliding Scale Rates

So that those who can pay more do, and those who cannot are supported to access the same resource. I believe that anyone who wants to should be able to access this kind of support.

No proof or explanation necessary. Pick the tier that is a stretch, but not a hardship.

I am grateful to Eli Conley, Singer/Songwriter, Sylvie Stein, MFT, and Alexis J. Cunningfolk of Worts and Cunning Apothecary and Hadassah Damien of Ride Free Fearless Money for inspiring my approach to sliding scale.

Lisa Beem

Let's get to know each other & foster some collaboration

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