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Lisa Beem


I'm Lisa.

I am a coach and guide for individuals, couples, co-founders and groups. I support people to make, give, invest, fundraise and steward money in alignment with their values.


I left a career in public service to start my career as a coach and a philanthropic advisor in 2019. I am a student of yoga, somatic and embodiment practices, and devoted to your full expression, creativity, and living a joyous and nourished life. 

If you want to know how to make money fast, you think money is evil, or you want someone to give you the answers, sorry! I'm not the coach for you.


If you want to have the financial abundance and you're willing to go slowly and sweetly to get there, let’s rock and roll.

"Lisa has a deeply intuited and beautifully honed ability to get to the heart of the matter.

Her questions, guidance, and coaching magic helped me find joy as I swam through murky waters and clarity as I discovered my purpose and desires. It is a pleasure and a gift to work with, learn from, and feel seen by Lisa."



radical inquiry, integrity,
and accountability.

Radical inquiry means going to the root, instead of searching for quick or surface level changes. Change takes time.

Integrity means being in a consistent search for truth. I believe that anything worth going for in life will inevitably change you in the process. Being open to the change that will occur as you go down your path is essential.

Accountability means being responsible for the inner and outer change that’s needed for more whole, safe, and loving communities. It means investigating blindspots at every scale, knowing that how we are with the small things is how we are with the big things.

Lisa Beem

Experience & Education

Whether it’s fundraising for a community project, starting a new career path, or leveling up your business,
you're in the right place to get support to go for it.

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