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reintroducing myself: Lisa Beem, Money Coach

Dear Community,


I'm reintroducing myself. I'm no longer the radical money coach. I'm just me, Lisa Beem, Money Coach.


Stepping away from "radical" as a qualifier feels like a weight off my shoulders. Not because there's anything wrong with the word—it’s great, meaning to the root—but I was using it in a way that obscured the reality of being a money coach. The reality is that I support your growth and authenticity in using money to empower your life. The value you place on money is self-defined, that's the magic of it. Money coaching allows you to step away from outside-in moralistic judgments of what money means and explore how to authentically relate to money from the inside-out.


When I realized how I was hiding behind "radical," it reminded me of my years working on grant proposals in government and philanthropy: word salad (just throwing in words because they sound nice) doesn't help us understand the actual work being done. This qualifier was part of my attempt to tackle entire systems of global commerce and the complex history of wealth accumulation while somehow holding a moral high ground within entrepreneurship and capitalism.


By hiding behind the word, I was hiding my truest self. I was more focused on what I was against than what I was for. Here’s the truth: I love to build things. I love trying out new ideas. I love creating products, trainings, and workshops. I love creating value. If you want to learn how to use money to create value and opportunity, then let's boogie.


Using "radical" inserted my perspective that there are inherent flaws in our financial system. Yes, there are things that are not optimal for me, for you, and for the world, but that’s not what my work is about. My work is about empowering you to act courageously within the existing system. In my experience, there is no faster way to get overwhelmed and unfocused in your business than trying to tackle the entire global marketplace, its history, and inequity, while still building something others can enjoy and benefit from within that marketplace. Staying in our lane and excelling at it is how we grow the muscle of being fully actualized, of service, and responsive to a world that needs mature, responsible, and loving adults at the helm. That is true leadership: the ability to look at all that is and say, "Yes, I see the limitations, I see the possibilities, and I'm willing to create, no matter the paradox or contradictions that exist. I say yes."


I am a money coach. I’m in service of demystifying your relationship with money and stepping confidently into a relationship with wealth-building that supports your goals.


Do you want to talk about these topics or what resonates with you? Let's connect!


Reply to this message, and we’ll find a time. I’d love to hear from you, hear what’s moving in your world, and how any of these themes touch on threads in your life.


Thank you for being you. You do it so well.



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