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on welcoming all parts of me home

Dear Community,

This month I left my role as a Senior Philanthropic Advisor at Movement Voter Project. When I started this role, I was also starting my coaching practice. Both grew and were large parts of my pandemic experience. It quickly became apparent that working two jobs works… until it doesn’t. I put my whole being into this role at Movement Voter Project. In 2019 I joined the team, following an internal knowing that I needed to play an active part in stopping another Trump presidency and shaping the 2020 election. I shaped the moving of millions of dollars to grassroots-led political organizing in swing states. I’m so proud of everything I did there. I felt my fierce warrior heart come out completely.

I’ll remain a cheerleader and supporter in the ecosystem of sweet humans who are staff, grantees, and volunteers of Movement Voter Project. It’s a deeply loving and strategic network of people. I’m blessed to have been a part of it. You can learn more about MVP here and sign up for a community event here.

And one of the lessons I’m taking away from both being in the role and my decision to leave is how I cannot be everything to everyone. My acupuncturist aptly put it – ah! You’ve been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders – she said as she poked the tight and sore spots between my neck and shoulders. So, in stepping away from this role I’m letting that weight down. It comes with tears, fears, and ultimate surrender. Because it’s not just this role, but a whole identity I’d created around who I had to be to make the world a better place. My vision was that I would be a community organizer forever and I’m letting that go. The truth is, when I release what is not for me right now, I make space for others to take up their soul’s work and for me to take up mine.

And the truth is also that my pursuit to be everything for everyone leads me to be no one for the most important person in the room – myself. I’ve spent years in therapy and exploring approaches to my periodic depression and persistent anxiety. Ultimately, changing life circumstances to be kinder to myself is and always has been the courageous and right step to take. So, I am simplifying my life. I’m taking the space to let my full creativity and love come through my coaching practice. I’ve been honored to coach dozens of leaders, business owners, artists, and heart-centered beings to take ease, joy, and persistence to the pursuit of their dreams. This space is where I can serve with ease and grace for myself and every being that comes into my practice.

May you find the grace to do one thing today that makes someone’s day. And if it’s available to you, may that person be you.

Thank you for being you. You do it so well.

With love,


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