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What is Radical Money Coaching?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Radical means to go to the root. When we’re looking at how to live a meaningful life - a life that contributes to life sustaining and life creating forces in the world - money is a resource that can support these aims. Money can seem difficult to use in a way that feels in alignment with our values. Money is used in harmful ways within financial systems that are built upon inequality and violence. But ultimately, it is people who dictate and create these systems. Money, in and of itself, is not those systems.

That’s where radical money coaching comes in. This is a framework and process for opening up to seeing how your ideas, beliefs, and perceptions around money may not be serving you in bringing forth your dreams for a life sustaining world. By aligning to the truth of how you long to be of service to the world, you can weave an authentic, powerful, and empowering relationship to money.

Principles of Radical Money Coaching

  1. You have your own answers: your own path will be revealed as you experiment with taking steps and experience what works and what does not work. That inner knowing is within you. The purpose of radical money coaching is to reveal your own inner voice of wisdom and fortify your relationship to it.

  2. You are whole and complete: everything that makes you brilliant, visionary, and magnificent is already within you

  3. Feel the fear and do it anyway: fear is our brain’s natural and normal response to change*. When this fear is present, it’s a good sign that you’re actually up to something that is very important to you. This fear is meant to keep you safe from taking risks. The beautiful thing about being human is that by taking risks, we find meaning and fulfillment. By changing your relationship to fear, you are open to taking action that is deeply meaningful to you.

  4. Money is neither good nor evil, it is a tool. Many people have stories about money falling somewhere on this moral spectrum. Money - meaning the form of currency that has agreed upon value between two or more people - is simply a form of energy that empowers us to take certain kinds of actions. This energy exists within a deeply flawed, harmful, and violent system, but money and the having of it, or lack thereof, are not moral positions.

The work of radical money coaching is to hold the stories we may have about what money means about us with compassion. This allows us to shift the focus of our attention, towards our unique contribution to the world, and how we might serve that calling with more ease, grace, and clarity.

How can you learn this? Book a discovery call with me to explore if this type of support through 1:1 mentorship or through my group program starting in September.

*By fear I mean the internal fear of failure, rejection, loneliness, and meaninglessness, not the response to immediate harm (physical or psychological).

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