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Build solidity in yourself, for yourself, as a foundation for your life.

HOME is a live and recorded online program.

Join anytime and begin this transformative 4 month journey.
Move through life, relationship, and business in a more centered, aligned way.

This program is a community of practice for establishing the sanctuary of yourself. The journey will support you to slow down and truly listen to your inner wisdom. You’ll be welcomed to find and cultivate joy and self-expression with ease. This also includes noticing how you get in your own way and making sustainable, meaningful shifts in your life.

Wondering what's included?

- 4 month Guided Journey

- Private Group Community

- Daily Rituals & Journal Prompts

- Livestream Transmissions & Pre-Recorded Modules

- Live Events, Q&A, and Coaching with Lisa for the Founding Cohort.

Includes tools and tactics for understanding the mind, how it’s power helps and hinders us, practices to listen to the earth and develop daily practices to strengthen your intuition and wisdom, and practices to alchemize obstacles into strength with awareness, love, and compassion.

The Details

Program Start Date

Join the (pre-recorded) online program at any time! 

If you sign up before July 19th, you'll receive LIVE Events, Q&A, and Coaching with Lisa for four months as a member of the Founding Cohort.

LIVE Event Dates for Founding Cohort Members

Wednesday, July 19th at 11am PT

Wednesday, August 9th at 11am PT

Wednesday, Sept. 13th at 11am PT

Wednesday, Oct. 18th at 11am PT

"Lisa is definitely one of the best investments I've made in my future...

Lisa is a positive energy asking the right questions to drive me towards my personal truth. I walk away from our sessions feeling relieved and inspired to continue on my personal path towards my goals."

- Sam

Under Lisa's guidance, I am discovering that my big heart is a superpower.

She showed me that within my own body, I possess what I need. I am learning to embrace the present moment and find more open meaning in each experience. Slowing down has become a source of life for me, and I discovered the messy, joyful, and silly aspects of exploring being.

- Leah


Join the Founding Cohort of HOME!

This is for the wild spirits, the ones who forge their own path, who long to be resourced from within.

For a long time, I thought that I needed to give from an empty cup. 

What I learned is that no matter how much I try to be what I thought others needed from me, I would never be able to sustainably live without filling my cup first. Truly being of service and in connection with others comes from having a deep well of love, compassion, and self-awareness. I've learned there are no shortcuts on this path. 


HOME is a guided journey to build the foundation of your own self-resource. No more giving from an empty cup. It's time for you to step into your personal power and honor yourself every step of the way. If this is the journey you're on, welcome, this space is for you. 

Lisa Beem

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